The Truth About Delay Sprays – Do They Really Work?

So this site is about is all about penis enhancement and getting a bigger dick. We all know this.

But what’s the point of having a big dick if you don’t get to use it for very long?

My thoughts exactly.

The next thing I knew I was Googling ways to last longer in bed.

I read through all the usual stuff..

Think of something nonsexual.

The last time I did that was a fiasco because I lost my boner half way through which was quite embarrassing.

Or how about masturbating before sex?

Well this doesn’t really work either because I always find that my erections are never as hard after I’ve cum already and I’m just not so horny anymore.

Now ever since I’ve been using the Bathmate and doing P.E exercises such as jelqing I’ve found that I generally do tend to last alot longer in bed.

But I wanted to see if there was a way to last a really long time, like all night..

Before long I discovered these things called delay sprays. My first thoughts were that they’re probably a scam.

But then I looked around and read reviews and apparently these things were legit, so I bought one from Amazon.

It’s called the Super Dragon 6000 delay spray for men.

Super Dragon 6000 Delay SprayOn the back it calls itself an approved product to reduce over-sensitivity.

It contains 10% Lidocaine + 1% vitamin-e.

Upon research I found that Lidocaine is a tissue numbing agent when applied to specific areas.

Anyway the first time I used it I applied 3 sprays to the head and then rubbed that all over the penis.

To be honest 3 sprays for me was a mistake because after about 10 minutes I could barely feel my dick and it was very hard to get an erection.

By the time I had gotten an erection it took me about an hour and a half of masturbating to finally cum..

After some messing around with the spray and testing it I found 1 and a half sprays seems to work best for me.

I find that I can still get a good erection and at one and a half sprays it numbs the penis enough to where you still have some feeling but it’s pretty difficult to cum.

You have to really go for it if you want to cum.

So anyway before long I finally got to test the spray out with a real woman.

About 10 minutes before hand I went into the bathroom and spritzed on 1 ½ sprays and then got down to it.

Now here is where I’m in 2 minds.

Because on one hand the spray did it’s thing and I ploughed the babe for well over 45 minutes and she came several times.

But on the other hand having sex with a slightly numb penis just doesn’t feel that satisfying as you lose all sensitivity.

But I guess it does make you look like a total stud which is all that matter right? 😉

Tip: After you’ve used the spray, leave it 10 minutes then was the residue off your dick if you’re about to get a BJ otherwise she’ll get a numb tongue. 🙂

So anyway, I’m well impressed with the Super Dragon 6000 delay spray. (I got it on Amazon by the way.)

Thanks for reading and if you’ve used a delay spray then feel free to share you experience below and let us know what you think about them.

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