Bathmate Review – Here’s My Results – With NEW [Pics] Just Added!

What’s up guys it’s Sam here and I’m finally posting my Bathmate review!

I started off very skeptical about this sort of stuff but over the past year I’ve come to realize that penis enlargement really is possible.

I’m going to show you my Bathmate results and I’m also going to give you the exact routine that I used to gain around 2 inches in just a few short months.

Oh yeah and there are now 17 comments about the Bathmate at the end of this post worth reading!

..So anyway, let’s get on with the review!

Contents: Here’s what I’m going to talk about in this Bathmate review.. PE Blueprint Bathmate Review

How The Bathmate Helped Me Gain 2 Inches And Transformed My Sex Life..

So I’ve never been that confident with women or that good in bed. Just sayin.

At 5.1 inches whenever I landed a girl in bed I’d always be a bit scared that she would end up laughing at me or something and walking off.

And a lot of the time I could see the disappointment in their eyes.

I was sick of being small. I wanted to be like

So when I was invited to go to Amsterdam with some old school friends including several pretty hot girls, one of which I knew was into me I decided to start Googling penis enlargement ideas.

I even considered surgery but it costs like 12k and I’ve read some pretty nasty horror stories.

Ain’t nobody cutting my dick open with a knife lol.

Anyway on my search I came across this thing called the Bathmate.

I read a post on some forum by a guy saying he had grown like 3 inches with it, he had over 2,000 posts so he seemed like a real person.

I was still skeptical though but as I was pretty desperate I decided to buy one.

Bathmate Hydromax X20I ended up buying the Bathmate Hydromax X20.

It arrived a few days later in plain packaging. You wouldn’t know there was a penis pump inside thankfully. 🙂

Well, I’m pretty impatient so I took it to the bathroom right away.

I got an erection and put the Bathmate on and just sat there for 15 minutes.

When I took it off I was like, holy shit.

My penis looked huge compared to what it was before.

I was well impressed.

There was still a few months left before the trip to Amsterdam so I thought to myself.

“This thing might actually work”.

If it could just help me gain an inch then I would be happy.

The website said anywhere between 1-3 inches is normal so I was hopeful.

For the next 3 months I used the Bathmate Hydromax X20 2 days on and then one day off using this routine.

You need to give the penis a rest some days. On the rest days I don’t even masturbate.

And I always did between 100-200 jelqs afterwards.

It’s crazy because before I knew it I was seeing real gains. Not just a “pump” but real gains even after the pump had worn off.

I think combining the Bathmate with jelqing is the best thing you can do.

So anyway before I knew it the 3 months were up and it was a week before the trip to Amsterdam.

  • By this time I had gained almost 2 inches.
  • I went from 5.1 to about 7 inches in 3 months.

I almost can’t believe it myself but then they do say that you can gain between 1-3 inches.

Now onto the Amsterdam trip..

It was the shit!

The girl that I knew was into me well yeah we did it and the sex was amazing.

The second night we were there we went back to my hotel room and when she took my pants off she said..

“Ooh, someone’s got a big cock.”

That felt amazing to hear. Almost surreal.

If only she had seen me a few month before ha ha.

Anyway, this was the first time that I’d had sex since gaining 2 inches so I was finally able to use my new weapon. 😉

The sex was amazing and I don’t want to brag but I felt like a porn star that night.

She could barely walk the next day. 😉

Ever since I’ve been using the Bathmate I just seem to have a lot stronger erections and can last a lot longer and my orgasms are way more intense. Seriously.

8-9 squirts is normal these days when I cum.

And for some reason I’m also able to get it up a lot more often.

When I’m with a girl I can get it up 2-4 times in a night.

It’s amazing what the Bathmate has done for me which brings me on to..

My Bathmate Results..

So when I started with it I was 5.1 inches in length. I think that’s slightly below average.

The very first time I used it my penis looked noticeably larger and you’ll find this too but I think this is just the “pump effect”.

I’m not gonna lie, I was well happy when I first used it.

So I carried on using it, 2 days on then one day off.

And within 3 months I had gained almost 2 inches.

That’s about 0.66 inches per month in length and I also gained more thickness.

Here’s my 3 month before and after pics..


My flaccid size has increased too. When I’m not erect it looks a lot bigger than before.

It’s done a lot more for me though.

Since gaining 2 inches..

  • I have more confidence.
  • I can last longer in bed. Recently I kept it up for like 40 minutes.
  • Women love it.
  • I seem to get hotter women these days.
  • I can get it up a lot more. The last time I had a girl in bed we did it 4 times. I just seem to be able to get it up a lot more, now I’ve got a bigger penis it’s like I want to use it as much as possible.
  • I have women wanting more sex from me now. Calling me up and inviting me over. This never used to happen before.

So yeah, the Bathmate has been a game changer for me.

What is the Bathmate?

So the Bathmate is pretty much just a pump that you use in the bath or shower to enlarge your penis.

Basically you put your penis in it and then pump the water out. This creates suction which expands the chambers of your penis filling them with blood.

It’s basically exercise for the penis.

By using it for 15 to 20 minutes per day you are expanding the penis and pretty much stretching it out.

It’s pretty good because by doing this you expand both the length and the girth.

According to the website you can gain between 1 and 2 inches within 1-3 months.

I’d say that’s about right as I gained about 2 inches.

The Bathmate will also create stronger erections. I’ve found that not only are my erections stronger but I get them a lot more often.

Another thing I notice is that I cum a lot more since using the Bathmate. Tmi?

You will most definitely notice a difference after the first use but you need to use it for around 15-20 minutes per day to get permanent gains.

It’s also important to take days off of using it now and again. Just like when you lift weights you don’t want to do chest every day. You need to have days off to rest and repair.

I tend to do 2 days of Bathmate with one day of rest.

Here’s a video explaining more about the Bathmate..

The Bathmate Pros & Cons

>> Let’s start with the CONS..

Time: It’s a bit annoying having to sit in the bathroom for an extra 15-20 minutes a day.

One way to save time is to actually wear it while you’re showering. Even though it’s called the Bathmate I don’t think I’ve ever used in the bath. You can stand up with it on so I just use it in the shower.

Embarrassing if someone finds it! One time I forgot to put it away after I’d used it so I left it in the bathroom. Little did I know my parents were gonna come over. I’m sure they must have seen it as it was right by the sink..

Just remember to put it away after you’ve used it!

Cleaning. Gotta make sure you clean it regularly too.

>> Now the PROS..

Nothing else needed. I’ve seen guys posting their routines on forums and they use like 10 different products and systems to try and get bigger..

And they spend hours every day stretching, pumping and all kinds of other shit.

All you need is the Bathmate imo and some jelqing. Just keep it simple, that’s what works.

Get results fast. I noticed a size increase from the first use and over the course of a few months I just got bigger and bigger because I stuck with it.

You need to be consistent. You can’t just use it when you feel like it. Although it is great before a date to get a pump on.

It’s easy to use. There’s no hassle with it. Just get an erection, put it inside the Bathmate, pump for a bit and then shower.

The results are permanent. I have actually stopped using it for the past 5 weeks now because I wanted to see if the size increase would last or if it would shrink back to normal.

Thankfully no shrinkage. The results seem to be permanent.

Increases both length and girth. Many penis enlargement systems like stretchers only increase the length or the girth. So you either have a short fat dick or a long thin one.

Well the Bathmate just enlarges the entire thing in every direction. So you don’t end up with some weird out of proportion looking thing between your legs.

Safe to use. I’ve always been wary of these penis enlargement products and their safety. Pills, stretchers, surgery and non water pumps just aren’t safe. I’ve heard of too many horror stories.

I’m yet to hear of any bad stories about the Bathmate and I’ve used it pretty intensely and have found it safe to use with no bad side effects.

Better erections. I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty crazy how much stronger my erections are now.

Can last longer. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I can last a lot longer before I cum. I mean I can go for like 30 minutes or more.

More cum. Ok this is probably too much information but it seems like every time I cum I get like 8-9 squirts which is way more than before.

Huge confidence booster. If you’re reading this now then you probably know what it’s like to be self conscious about your penis size.

I used to only want to have sex with drunk girls because I thought if they were drunk they wouldn’t care as much that I wasn’t that big.

Since I’ve gained 2 inches and gone from 5.1 to around 7 inches my confidence has gone up big time in all areas of my life.

I’m more confident talking to women, any women. Even the ones that I would have normally been scared to talk too.

I’m just more confident overall and that’s probably one of the best things the Bathmate has given me.

It works fast. I think the most important pro I can think of is simply that it works and it works fast.

To be honest I just couldn’t believe how fast I gained 2 inches. I was hoping to gain an inch so it worked better than I expected and it really didn’t take long.

Your Bathmate FAQs Answered!

It’s a popular product and I’ve seen lots of people asking about it lately so I’m going to answer some of the questions I’ve seen and also some of the questions I think people may have.

How does the Bathmate work? Basically it’s a water pump. You put your erect penis into it filled with water and then pump the water out which creates suction. This pulls more blood into the chambers of the penis expanding it and enlarging it.

Over time all this expansion leads to a permanent size increase.

Does it really work? I’ve seen a lot of people post online that they’ve had success with it. I myself was skeptical to begin with but it really does work. I haven’t actually seen anyone post that they’ve used it for any amount of time and not see gains either.

Is it safe? Yeah, I haven’t had any problems and I’ve searched all over forums and haven’t seen anyone break their penis with it either. So you I’d say that it’s very safe.

How long should I use it for? I use it for 15-20 minutes for 2 days and then take a day off. So 2 days on one day off.

Do I use it when I am erect or soft? I use it when I’m about 80-90% erect. If I use it when I’m soft it never seems to do anything.

Does it hurt? No, only if you pump it up too much but then you can just release the pressure a little bit.

Are the results permanent? I think so yes. I haven’t used it for well over a month to see for myself and I’ve kept the gains.

How many inches can I gain? Personally I gained 2 inches in about 3 months but I saw a post somewhere from someone who went from 5 inches to 8 ½ inches using the Bathmate for a few years. So who knows man? It seems a lot of people are gaining about 2 inches so..

So if you have any other questions then just leave a comment below!

You’ve gotta have a routine!

Here’s the exact Bathmate routine that I used to gain 2 inches..

The routine is actually really simple.

Here’s what I do.

Step 1: Use the Bathmate for 15 minutes with a 90% erection.
Step 2: Do 100-200 Jelqs. Here’s how to jelq.
Step 3: Put the Bathmate back on for 5 minutes.

Give this routine a try.

This is all I did.

I recommend 2 days of this and then one rest day of nothing. I just give the penis a complete break on the rest day.

So that’s the exact routine I used to grow 2 inches in less than 3 months!

The Bathmate Calculator

Bathmate Before and After Pics

So I’ve been searching around and here’s some of the results I’ve seen posted from people using the Bathmate.

Hopefully this motivates you and shows you what is possible.

Bathmate Before and After 11Bathmate Before and After 10

Bathmate Before and After 9

Bathmate Before and After 8

Bathmate Before and After 6

Bathmate Before and After 7

Bathmate Before and After 5

Bathmate Before and After 4

Bathmate Before and After 2

Bathmate Before and After 3

Bathmate Before and After 1

Bathmate Tips..

Ok so here’s some tips I can give you to get the best results..

  • Put it on your erect penis. I’ve tried it on a flaccid penis and it’s doesn’t work. I always used it on an erect penis. This way you get as much blood as possible filling your penis chambers to increase size.
  • Jelq after using the Bathmate. I just think that the BM and jelqing are the perfect combo. See my routine here.
  • On your day off don’t do anything to the penis. Don’t even cum if you can. Just give it a rest completely.
  • Edge after using the Bathmate if you have time. Edging is when you get an erection and masturbate and just when you’re about to cum you stop and you keep doing this for about 30 minutes. It’s up to you whether you cum at the end of the 30 minutes. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t depends how much self control I have that day. I’ve just read that this is good for penis enlargement because it keeps blood in the penis chambers for longer keeping them expanded. Also edging is good for training yourself to last longer in bed.
  • Don’t measure every day. You’ll drive yourself crazy doing that. Personally I only measure every 2-4 weeks!
  • Don’t give up! Getting bigger takes a bit of time. It does work so make sure you stick to a routine like this for at least a few months and you’ll be amazed at the results. Trust me.

So should you buy the Bathmate?


I think buying it was the best decision I ever made.

Not only does it work but by gaining 2 inches I’ve just got a lot more confidence and it’s changed my outlook on life.

And my sex life is a million times better.

I workout more, I wear better clothes and I eat healthier now because I guess I want to attract as many hot women as possible now.

So yeah in my opinion buy it and use the routine I shared above and you’ll see gains in no time at all.

Which One To Buy?


Ok so there’s a couple of options.

First of all there’s the Bathmate series and then there’s the Hydromax series.

The Hydromax is the new updated version of the Bathmate so I would recommend the Hydromax as it’s better.

The new Hydromax series is more comfortable to wear and has 35% more pumping power.

Personally I bought the Hydromax X20 as that’s what it recommended for me.

If you’re unsure of which one to buy then use the size guide here..

Size Guide >>

Just go there and enter in you length and girth and it will tell you which to buy.

You will probably need either the X20 or the X30.

I hope you found this Bathmate review helpful!

If you’ve used it or have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂

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6 months 19 days ago

hey man, I’m really anxious to start. I’m 5.25″ right now n shooting to get up to 7″-8″ in the next couple years. i’m really encouraged by your article that you were where I’m at and I’m shooting for a goal you’ve achieved. was curious to see your before n after cuz I haven’t seen many online n that was my biggest hesitation in buying one.

5 months 12 days ago

Do you have the pictures of before and after?

3 months 16 days ago

Thinking of getting myself a bathmate. Are the gains permanent or just temporary?

Wise Sam
Wise Sam
3 months 7 days ago

I just used the Bathmate for the first time and holy crap does my dick look huge ha ha. I’m going to continue using it. My goal is 8 inches.

3 months 6 days ago

Will the bathmate cause any discoloration or stretch marks? And thanks for the long review and for sharing your results. Good read.

not telling
not telling
3 months 5 days ago

I heard the bathmates on Amazon were fake. Is that right, has anyone bought those on amazon?

3 months 4 days ago

How long do you think it will take me to get to 8 inches? I am currently 6.3 inches.

I will use your system and do jelqing too. Thanks for posting it.

2 months 5 days ago

I’m currently 4 inches. Do you think I can gain maybe 3 or 4 inches? And besides the bathmate what program should I use.

1 month 27 days ago

Awesome results, I’ve just ordered mine and I’m going to follow your routine.

I may also get myself a jelq device as I heard they’re good. Any way, motivating stuff. I can’t wait to get started.