How To Use The Bathmate Safely And For How Long

Despite what the manufacturers claim, research indicates that bathmate, being a penis pump, is more suitable to increase the girth of the penis. There are various claims about the results with few users claiming to have gained as much as two inches over the course of six months However, the results may vary from one […]

Why It’s Important To Take Rest Days From The Bathmate

With most men feeling inadequate about their size, it’s no surprise that new and advanced forms of penis enlargement devices are hitting the market every day. While some work and most don’t, you need to be careful about spending your hard earned money on any such devices. Bathmate, however, is a product that actually works. […]

The Bathmate + Jelqing = Real Gains?!

This hydro-based penis pump can be used in the shower or the tub. You just have to put water in this device and apply it to your penis. It is said that this device provides best results with warm water. The warm water soothes your muscle tissues so you won’t be feeling any sort of […]

Using The Bathmate For An Immediate Size Boost!

The Bathmate is a hydro-based penis pump that doesn’t rely on conventional air vacuum like the traditional air pumps. This form of penis enlargement device is getting popular due to their ability to provide immediate results. Unlike penis extenders, you don’t have to wait for days to see any form of results, nor do you […]

The Truth About Delay Sprays – Do They Really Work?

So this site is about is all about penis enhancement and getting a bigger dick. We all know this. But what’s the point of having a big dick if you don’t get to use it for very long? My thoughts exactly. The next thing I knew I was Googling ways to last longer in bed. […]

A Beginners Guide To Jelqing

When it comes to getting a bigger dick nothing works better than jelqing apart from the bathmate. Jelqing became popular back in the 70s and ever since then men have been using it to get bigger dicks. I’ve heard of some guys just using jelqing to go from 5 inches all the way up to […]

The Bathmate Hydromax FAQs

What’s up everybody, so this site has been getting quite a lot of visitors lately looking for information about the bathmate and I’ve had quite a few emails asking about it so I thought I’d take the time to answer some of the questions I’ve received. What is the Bathmate Hydromax? Well to put it […]

What Works When It Comes To P.E?

There are millions of men all around the world unsatisfied with the size of their penis. There are several known ways of making the penis larger and there are some that you should avoid like the plague. In this post I’m going to talk about what works and what doesn’t. So here we go. Penis […]

Bathmate Review and Results – I’m Shocked..


So after 6 months I’m finally posting my Bathmate review and results! If you’re in a rush and just want to see my before and after pics then you can see them here. Let me ask you something.. Do you think it’s possible to use a pump like the Bathmate to permanently increase the size […]