The Bathmate Hydromax FAQs

What’s up everybody, so this site has been getting quite a lot of visitors lately looking for information about the bathmate and I’ve had quite a few emails asking about it so I thought I’d take the time to answer some of the questions I’ve received.

What is the Bathmate Hydromax?

Well to put it simply it is a penis pump that you use with water. Although it has the word bath in it you don’t actually need to use it in the bath. You can use it in the shower too.

Can the Bathmate help me if I’m very busy and don’t have much time for P.E

I do jelqing and the Bathmate but I believe that if you are busy and don’t have 30 minutes to spare each day then you could just use the BM and still get great result and you can use it just while you’re in the shower.

bathmate shower strapMy B.M actually came with a strap to help hold the pump in place while standing in the shower. So if you’re busy then as long as you shower every day then you can find time to use to Bathmate and get results.

How can I get the best results possible using the Bathmate?

Well first of all you need to stay dedicated. It’s easy to give up on anything that takes time especially if you don’t know what works when it comes to penis enlargement.

How many people do you know who have said they’re going to lose weight or build muscle and then give up after a week because it takes too long to see results?

I know lots of people like this. If you want to get the best results then try my P.E routine and stay dedicated.

It really doesn’t take long to see results with the Bathmate Hydromax. You’ll notice your penis looks a lot bigger after the first use but for permanent results you need to do it for at least a few weeks and then keep on doing it to make more gains.

When using the B.M I would recommend starting off with a light pump and building up the pressure slowly after a few minutes until you feel like it’s very pumped but not painful and then keep it on for as long as possible.

Then when you are finished slowly release the pressure over a couple of minutes.

Is the Bathmate Hydromax painful to use?

The only time it is ever painful is if you pump it up way too much but then you can immediately press the release button to release the pressure.

So no it’s not painful at all. In fact it feels pretty good. The best feeling is when you take it off and it looks like your penis has elephantiasis = it looks really big.

How long should I use it for?

I’ve never used it longer than 20 minutes. I would recommend between 10-20 minutes.

As I said above spend the first few minutes pumping your way up from low pressure to high pressure. Then hold it for around 10 minutes and then slowly release the pressure.

There’s no real need to use it longer than 20 minutes. I never have and I’ve had fantastic results. More isn’t always better.

I’ll leave this post at that for now and answer some more questions about the Hydromax soon in part 2.

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